mljMarjorie Lewis-Jones is a Sydney-based writer, editor and poet. She works in publishing and media management, has run creative writing and journalism workshops and is a voracious reader and reviewer with eclectic tastes.

The title of this blog comes from “Cattle and Cane”, a classic Australian song by seminal, literary Australian indie-pop band the Go-Betweens.

I recall a bigger brighter world
A world of books
And silent times in thought
And then the railroad
The railroad takes him home
Through fields of cattle
Through fields of cane.

The blog, like the song, is not intended to be nostalgic but to recognise, as did William Wordsworth, that this world of books is substantial, pure and good.

Round these, with tendrils strong as flesh and blood,
Our pastime and our happiness will grow.

Contact Marjorie using the Contact form or at The Writers Loft, PO Box 78, Balmain, NSW 2041, Australia.